Many thanks to fellow bloggers for the following nominations! The titles refer to specific points discussed in the introduction, questions, nominee list and/or responses in the corresponding pages.

1. The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award: (1) Between Silence and Growls (@apqaria); Writing Along, Crying Along, Eating Along (@Blue)

The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

2. Liebster Award: (1) A Waltz in Gold (@CapriquariusMei), (2) When a Hero is His Own Pygmalion (@museofmanymasks), (3) Alice and the Cat (@junny), (4) Reincarnations (@lemonmirae), (5) Silent Future (@Kwon Sang Seung)

Liebster Blog Award

3. The Sunshine Award: (1) Lemonade After Dinner (@lemonmirae), (2) Long Live Perry Park! (@Kwon Sang Seung)

The Sunshine Award

4. Creative Bloggers Award by iKurate

Creativity requires lots of hard work and rest!

The A-Philosopher’s Chair has also created its own awards!

2015 AlKemist Awards

Bubblegum (2015 Korean drama)

  • What is the secret behind the name A-Philosopher?
  • Which 2015 productions reminded Asian drama bloggers of magic spells?
  • What were some of the memorable elements of 2015 Korean dramas and outstanding art, literature and ideas featured in them?
  • What were the highs and lows of drama watching and blogging in 2015?

Find out the answers in this mega review!

One thought on “Awards

  1. Since WordPress disabled comment options on new pages some time ago, responses to award announcements will be recorded here from now on:

    1. A small note of acknowledgement to Lady Nyo Lady Nyo, Kenny Kenny, Cindy Knoke Cindy Knoke, colorpencil2014 colorpencil2014 and Kwon Sang Seung Kwon Sang Seung for ‘like’s in response to the announcement for The Sunshine Award (2).

    Kwon Sang Seung Kwon Sang Seung also wrote:
    “It was worth the wait!!! Hopefully soon, you will get to know my thoughts on your questions which i had already liked from another award session! :D”

    2. Another simple thank you to Cindy Knoke Cindy Knoke, along with ladysighs ladysighs, for responses to the announcement post for the 2015 AlKemist Awards.

    ladysighs ladysighs also wrote:
    “I never did find the answer to “What is the secret behind the name A-Philosopher?” ;(”

    The Chair responded:
    “Probably not the kind of secret that would make for primetime dramas!

    It may or may not interest you that actors playing the following roles in Six Flying Dragons just received awards in a ceremony that ended around half an hour ago:

    Yi Bang-won – Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Serial Drama
    Yi Bang-ji /Ddangsae – Excellence Award, Actor in a Serial Drama
    Boon-yi – Excellence Award, Actress in a Serial Drama
    Gil Seon-mi / Gil Tae-mi – Special Award, Actor in a Serial Drama
    Yi Bang-won and Boon-yi – Top 10 Stars
    Yi Bang-won and Boon-yi – Best Couple Award
    Min Da-kyung, Yi Bang-ji /Ddangsae, Moo-hyul – New Star Award

    It looks like Viki may be subbing it here:

    ladysighs ladysighs replied:
    “Thank you! Thank you! for the link. I watched part of it (no sub titles but felt I understood every word) It is rather long so will return to watch a bit more.
    The Beautiful People. lol I’m in love with them all even the mean ones. 🙂 It was fun seeing those familiar faces in their real selves. Hard to recognize some. Such passion and emotions the actors are able to give in the film and then how gentle and almost shy they seemed at the awards.”

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