Smoke and Mirrors

My Daughter Seo-Young (2012 Korean Drama)

“How much can a person understand another person?

To what extent does the shop owner I see now and then know me? People cannot possibly see through one another simply because they are in each other’s sight every day. Even blood relatives and married couples have trouble reading each other’s minds.

The human mind is so vast and deep, with layers of thoughts intertwining endlessly within it. Yet people often only look at others through the mirrors they hold in their hands.

How possible is it to understand someone’s heart with the aid of nothing more than one’s own experiences and knowledge?

In life, there are bound to be moments when an individual has to make certain choices against his or her better wishes.”

– The elderly protagonist’s conversation with his son-in-law in My Daughter Seo-Young

My Daughter Seo-Young (2012 Korean Drama)

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