Quotidian Magic

Poster for 2013 Korean Drama I Hear Your Voice

Some actors gave the impression of falling in love for real every time they filmed a drama. Actresses Ha Ji-won and Baek Jin-hee reportedly professed genuine affection for their co-stars that lasted until the conclusion of the series. Scriptwriter Park Hye-ryun, on the other hand, effectively romanced many of her screen creations.

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The Presumption of Innocence

Last Scene in the Finale of 2013 Korean Legal Drama I Hear Your Voice

“Because only 80 out of 100 pieces of necessary proofs were in place, a [dangerous] criminal was once let off scot-free despite the overwhelming evidence against him. […] Yet a 100-piece jigsaw puzzle depicting an elephant will not look like a cat or a lion just because you only get 80 pieces correct.  With 80 pieces, you can already see that it is an elephant.”

“The prosecutor likened this case to a jigsaw puzzle with 20 missing pieces. Of course, we cannot say that an elephant picture will turn into a lion picture just because the jigsaw lacks 20 pieces. But without the 20 pieces, we are unable to tell whether the elephant was crushing someone with its front foot or kicking a ball with it. What happens if upon seeing that it was kicking something, we assume that the elephant has killed a person and execute it, only to discover later that what lay under its foot was a ball not a human? A dead elephant cannot return to life.”

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