Master List of Full-Length Features

  1. A Beautiful Tumor
  2. A Chest You Can Cry On
  3. A Doll’s-Eye View of Japanese Aesthetics
  4. A Geopolitical Reading of Knulp
  5. A Handshake in Thought
  6. A Headful of Mountain Flowers
  7. A Soldier Wearing a Ball and Chain
  8. Ad Meliora
  9. All the World’s a Mimicry
  10. An Inaudible Chorus of Howls
  11. Ardently Cowardly
  12. Back to Heaven
  13. Becoming the Mask
  14. Candle in the Wind
  15. Chasing Light
  16. Citrus Rhapsody
  17. Clockwork Destinies
  18. Deep Down Inside, Beneath the Clothes of Culture
  19. Desertocracy
  20. Encounters
  21. Ensconced
  22. Faking It Till You Make It
  23. False Hope and False Hopelessness
  24. Fermat’s Last Theorem—It All Starts With a Little Confession
  25. Finding Momo
  26. Fly Away, Skylark!
  27. Germinating Truths
  28. Gymnopédie No. 1
  29. Heaven in the Voices
  30. Her Many Faces
  31. Human Rights for Nonhumans
  32. Icing on the Bytes
  33. If There is Another Me Inside Me, I Hope it is a Better Me
  34. Innocent Soul, Treacherous World
  35. Inside a Sensory Labyrinth
  36. Jordanian Inspiration, Joseon Incarnation
  37. Let There Be Light
  38. Liszt’s Liebesträume No. 3
  39. Lost Heroines
  40. Love as Machine and Machine as Love
  41. Love Under the Spell of Spring
  42. Merciful Lies
  43. Miracle Keepers
  44. Monte Carlo Fallacy
  45. Moondust in Her Hair
  46. More Than Paper Chase
  47. Mystical Quintet
  48. Necessity and Sufficiency
  49. Of Sky Waltzes and Rain Dancers
  50. Otherworldly Propositions
  51. Pinocchio
  52. Quotidian Magic
  53. Reaching Out to the Realm of Unconsciousness
  54. Romance of the Blue Bird and Plum Blossoms
  55. Romancing the Butterfly Effect
  56. Scentillations
  57. Slow Leaps, Fast Dance
  58. Strange Waters
  59. Tagorean Victory
  60. The “Was” in She Was Pretty
  61. The Art of Fate
  62. The Dark Sides of Education
  63. The Dream Logician Spiriting Away Stairways
  64. The Flower that Morphs into a Sun
  65. The Inquirer
  66. The Invisible Path to Liberty
  67. The Lady and the Peonies
  68. The Maiden Under the Apple Tree
  69. The Meeting of the Face and the Gaze
  70. The Moonlight in the Well
  71. The Office Narrative
  72. The Other Secret Door
  73. The Presumption of Innocence
  74. The Promise of Classical Music
  75. The Rules of Rule-Breaking
  76. The Sketch of an Eternity Through the Arts
  77. The Third Teardrop
  78. The Truth as a Candy Wrapper
  79. The World, Created for Dust and Ashes
  80. Weaving Poetry, Beauty and Meaning
  81. When Mathematics Meets Politics in a Lunchbox
  82. Whispering Volumes
  83. Who am “I”?
  84. Witchcrafting Programmers
  85. 64 Minds

Exclusives For Institutional Partners (Sorted by Drama Featured)

Age of Youth / Hello, My Twenties!: The Misapprehended Beasts Called Norms

Chicago Typewriter: Pathological Virtuousness as an Ideological Umbrella for Shallow Popular Culture

Circle: Biopolitics Intertwined With Meme Survival

Drinking Solo: In Defense of Golden Agers in Healthcare Rationing

Galileo: Disinterestedness—An Essential Recipe for Serendipity?

Goblin / Guardian – The Lonely and Great God: An Earth Without Eavesdropping Butterflies, Rembrandt’s Misshapen Pearl

Love Me, If You Dare: The Problem With Personifying Artificial Intelligence

My Voice for You: Montmartre in a Cup of Hokkaido Buckwheat Tea

Prison Playbook: I’m Your Hikaru

Solomon’s Perjury: Depressive Realism and the Humanities

Strongest Deliveryman: The One-Percenter Who Would Rather Be a Dirt Spoon

Suits {Korea}: The Weight of Attempts at Attempts

Two Lights: Relúmĭno [Short film]: Photography Club for the Visually Impaired

W – Two Worlds Apart: The Limits of Fiction