Liebster Award – Reincarnations

Yi Gak (Park Yoo-chun) outside a convenience store in 2012 Korean drama Rooftop Prince

lemonmirae: Is that a prince?
Blue: Is that Yoo-chunnie?!
Kwon Sang Seung (rushing to his exam venue in the background): Nope. That’s the blogger we nominated for awards in our previous lifetimes.
lemonmirae and blue: …..

Hee. That was actually inspired by Blue’s humorous opening in her response to the Sunshine Award. My apologies for this very late series of responses to the remaining 50 questions and for dragging Crown Prince Yi Gak (for those new to Korean dramas, that’s the time-traveling character from Rooftop Prince) into the picture. I meant to answer Kwon Sang Seung’s questions first but since he’s busy with examinations at the time of writing, I shall put lemonmirae’s ahead of the queue instead of distracting him. Congratulations, all three of you, anyway for netting so many nominations!

Liebster Blog Award

As usual, I am going along with the first version of the Liebster Award rules I have received. In CapriquariusMei’s words, they are:

  • Each nominee must have under 200 followers
  • Thank and link to the nominating blog
  • Answer their 10 questions and propose 10 new ones for your nominees
  • Nominate 10 blogs and tell them that they’ve been nominated
  • Write a post containing the questions
  • Include these rules in the post

lemonmirae‘s questions:

1.What was the first drama you watched and how you ended up watching it? I want to see if I’m the only one who can’t remember the first drama I’ve watched so I’ve copied hanakimi91

Stairway to Heaven. Now that I recall, K-dramas were philosophically intriguing right from the start. To this date, I’m still thinking about the question: does a person who goes to the extremes for his beloved really love her more than someone who does not? What’s your opinion?

2. Currently I’m watching just two dramas, one Korean and one Taiwanesse, what are you watching? Maybe recommend me something.

Mask!!! Skip episodes four to nine, though, especially if you share my dislike of doormat characters. Besides, those six episodes just dance around the same points.

3. Do you watch just Korean dramas or you watch other countries dramas also? If you do what are those?

The usual suspects among K-drama watchers: US, Japan, China, Taiwan, etc.

4. Have you watched any Asian movies? What movies?

Mainly animal (?) movies: A Werewolf Boy, Ten Promises to My Dog, Couching Tiger Hidden Dragon, etc. (But animals sometimes behave with more dignity than Man.)

I generally prefer Western productions when it comes to movies though.

5.What would constitute a “perfect” day for you?

A 48-hour day. For us double-life bloggers.

6.Would you like to be famous? In what way?

No. Unless fame can somehow safeguard the people, things and causes I support. That’s why I prefer this site to be about the topics I discuss, rather than about me.

7.If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one quality or ability, what would it be?

I have mentioned shapeshifting, which was featured in Jeon Woo-chi, in my reply to CapriquariusMei. For the moment, though, I want his self-cloning ability. My imaginary blog warehouse is in need of a gigantic army of co-bloggers! Anyone keen to guest write an entry on the philosophy of food or architecture in dramas?

8.Is there something that you’ve dreamed of doing for a long time? Why haven’t you done it?

I was reminded of this series of dreams when I read mimi’s reply to question four by kfangurl here. When I was younger and bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, I wanted to set up a restaurant for X, a florist shop for Y, a pet store for Z, etc. Recall the first 20 minutes of Up to see why none of them materialized. Hopefully, mimi will achieve hers.

9.What does friendship mean to you?

Yeo-rim / Gu Yong-ha (Song Joong-ki) and Geol-oh / Moon Jae-shin (Yoo Ah-in) in 2010 Korean Drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal

10. Do you have any embarrassing moments to share with me?

Encountering a K-drama actor on one fine sunny day and … [the omnipresent script fairy insists on inserting a compulsory amnesia trope here] …

11.What was the most emotional drama you saw?

The Legend.

(SPOILERS ahead)

Your admirer hurled your newborn son down a cliff. You were forced to shoot at the (deranged) mother of your child to save the world—in two lifetimes. Your best-friend-turned-sworn-enemy understood you only at the very last second of his life. Your loyal aide, the lovelorn Blue Dragon, roamed the sky while looking down at the woman you loved.

Then the drama extended behind the scenes: A horseback accident happened, presumably cutting short the career of the top Hallyu star. The director could not pay off his debt and, one television production later, got summoned for investigation, divorced his wife probably to spare her from the ramifications, and committed suicide. Apparently, incidents of these kinds were not the first and may not be the last (see: Maids) in the industry’s history.

The most emotional drama is not necessarily the best drama, but there may be nothing inherently wrong in going for the theatrics either. But when melodrama becomes nearly slice-of-life off-screen, something somewhere must change to stop the cycle. 

My next nominees are:

7. Paper Mirror (Poems inspired by Korean dramas and other media)

8. Fragment d’étoile (Book and drama reviews in French, non-French speakers can look out for English quotations of lines from Korean dramas like this one from Orange Marmalade, which I highly recommend even if you are not into Asian dramas.)

My questions:

1. A golden sunset, the starry heavens, or a starless night sky?

2. Which literary or screen figures have been most like sunlight to you?

3. Which real-life figures have been most like sunlight to you?

4. What is the first word someone says to you in the morning and what is the first word you utter in the morning? (This is a question I’ve asked before, but since I’m quite curious about the answer, I’m posing it again.)

5. A small glint of golden light is emitting from a window at the top of a tall tower. Another is peeking out from underneath a pebble. Yet another comes from the iris of a woman’s eye. One more beckons to you from the bottom of a lagoon. A final one zips past you from the glittery feathers of a swallow darting by. If you must follow one, which source of light do you go after?

6. If there is a novel or drama titled That Autumn, The Sun Slept, what do you imagine it to be about? (And for drama lovers, who do you hope will be the leads?)

7. Do you prefer serving your blog sunny-side up, over light, over medium, over well or over hard?

8. The times of sunrise and sunset can be calculated through the following equation:

cos(ωo) = -tan(φ)×tan(δ)

where ωo is the hour angle at either sunrise (negative value) or sunset (positive value), φ is the latitude, and δ is the sun declination. All variables are in degrees.

If success or a significant other were a sun, what do you think the equation for the start and end of a challenge or relationship would be like?

9. What is the greatest source of hope you see in the current global conflicts?

10. Who has been the greatest influence behind your blog?

Again, while I’m interested to know what you think, there is no pressure to answer the questions or in any way respond to the nominations. If a question is too time-consuming, you are welcome to skip it.

Thanks for reading and check back for the last two Liebster Award nominees in around two weeks’ time.

[Published on July 2, 2015.]

10 thoughts on “Liebster Award – Reincarnations

  1. LOL, okay, the opening was more than priceless! “That’s the blogger we nominated for awards in our previous lifetimes.” XD
    Animal movie, A Werewolf Boy XD
    Haven’t watched Stairway to Heaven yet, but i want to, but i need more time and a few more pairs of eyes to become a drama spider while watching 4 dramas at the same time and a few more hands like Shiva to write about them XD
    “To this date, I’m still thinking about the question: does a person who goes to the extremes for his beloved really love her more than someone who does not? What’s your opinion?”
    I like intensity, although extremes may vary from person to person, i can’t define it or make it more specific right now, but i guess i would go for the extremes since the intensity factor makes it more alive. As for the question, again, it may vary to the way a person expresses his/her love and it always depends on the circumstances and each one’s background, but regardless of extremes or not, all that matters it’s the core and the depth of love. Extremes don’t always pace with emotional intelligence, but it ain’t easy to achieve this ideal standing ground of emotions, we’re humans after all XD
    I disagree though with the 48 hours! I would route for 72 hours per day, 48 hours of drama/blogging, 8 hours of work, 8 hours of real life and 8 hours of sleep, but for the last one i wouldn’t put my hand in the fire XD
    “I want his self-cloning ability” I so FEEL you! I want so many Kwons in my life! One of them going to uni, many of them working different jobs to make money for me to go to Korea and much more of them writing articles along with me XD Let’s form a secret society of A-Philosophers and crazy Kwons! XD I can’t help on the philosophy of food though, maybe i could in architecture, but i don’t have the knowledge, it’s more like i devoutly focus on the emotional world of the characters and accordingly i hate or love them XD
    Aish, love your questions, especially 1-5-6-8 :O :O

    • The time-traveling, cosplaying “prince” decided to stick to his principle of not disturbing bloggers preparing for exams more than necessary, and so, skipped forward to July 14 to relay his reply. Or so he imagines? =P

      NOOOOOOOOOO!!! You can’t burst into laughter! The drama is airing in around one to two days’ time. The exasperated director is threatening anyone who giggles with slaps. You and your co-actress are already giving yourselves cute tiny slaps on the cheeks. If NGs are followed by impromptu a cappella sessions, however, all will be forgiven. ^_______________^

      Dramafever’s YouTube video (See the last 10 minutes of the full episode.)

      Why settle for 72-hour days? Let’s go for 144-hour days, so that we can take a spin around the world right after work!! Make that a secret society of multi-limbed, multi-bodied and multi-jobs Kwons and berserk philosophers! I’m worried though that our need to eat will just increase with more appendages, more clones and longer days, so we’ll end up spending most of those extras on routine stuff. How can one have the cake and eat it?? T_T T_T

      Okay, to be more serious, I’m wondering about the relationship between architecture, philosophy, psychology and narrative techniques. In Kill Me Heal Me, for example, the cellar setting was rather effective in evoking the atmosphere of sadness and mystery. It’s the choice of some novelists too. Then, there’s also the rooftop, a popular choice for contemplation and brooding with screen buddies (Misaeng, The Time We Were Not in Love, etc.). Maybe a thing or two can be said as well about the house in Heard It Through the Grapevine. I need an architecture fanatic like Archi.drama‘s Karinna! 🙂

      • Re-exam is on the 22nd of July, so nothing has reached the end yet… I will be left with 1 lesson or 2 for the next exam period, hopefully with 1 because i want so badly to pass this one, but the oral exams of this teacher are harsher than the written ones, so i don’t know how it will flow :E
        Didn’t watch the video because it’s not availablue in my country, but then again, i’m planning on watching Producers some time, so i will remain humble 😀
        Now that’s a serious proposal, 144 hours! “Make that a secret society of multi-limbed, multi-bodied and multi-jobs Kwons and berserk philosophers! ” wouldn’t it be intriguing for the whole world to notice such a society? Wouldn’t they feel more enlightened and blissful? XD The need for food would grow, but i would sacrifice myself for the other Kwons and philosophers, i would stick to minimum food necessary xD
        The cellar in KMHM was marvelous in the way it paced with the whole storyline and its whole presentation was magnificent with the placing of the characters in it. So was the rooftop in KMHM as well, it was a violent and awakening playground at the same time.
        I think many things can be said about the almighty household in HITTG and it doesn’t necessarily require special architecture knowledge if you compare it to the characters living in it. Kidnap her and architecturize your drama-selves XD

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