The Scent of a Mature Woman

Cheng You Qing (Ariel Lin)'s clock scene in the first episode of 2011 Taiwanese drama In Time With You

The First Early Sign of Aging: The more recent events are, the more readily they are forgotten. Conversely, the more distant memories are, the higher the likelihood they are retained.

What every girl once wished would let her run faster so that she could grow enough to own her first pair of high heels, but makes the now 29-year-old me suddenly miss my 17-year-old self—that pair of white canvas shoes.

The First Standard of a Mature Woman: Finally knowing how to throw a beautiful punch in the face of evil, the way we stride with poise in our high heels. 

The Second Early Sign of Aging: A bunch of people call you an older sister or brother, while your inner response is a resounding “Shut up!”

Sometimes I felt that that was my life—waiting for someone to pick me up and carry me away.

Now I realize that I am not a box waiting to be picked up, but a bag that can be filled with many stories. I am going to use my own money to buy my own bag and fill it with my own stories.

The Second Standard of a Mature Woman: Believing only in your eyes and no longer taken in by gifts.

The Seventh Early Sign of Aging: Starting to concern yourself with product ingredients, manufacturers and shelf lives.

Shoes, clothes, food and cosmetics get new prices and new “admirers” when they are about to go out of season. What about women? After our 30.3 years of shelf life, where do we find new admirers?

Exactly how long is the shelf life of a plucked orchid? Ten days? One month? Regardless of the length, all orchids which lose their roots will wither in the end.

The Seventh Charming Trait of a Mature Woman: Bringing along your roots so that, wherever you go, you can bloom once more.

The Eighth Early Sign of Aging: Laziness to make new friends due to a laziness to recount your life from the beginning.

Is it like how disagreeable coke opened so long that it has lost its gas tastes? In reality, we are all frequently deceived by our heart palpitations. We think we love that person, but what we have actually fallen in love with is often the excitement created from the sense of freshness. After three months, when you have gotten tired of his face and become used to his kisses and embraces, he will turn into a cola left only with its syrup, no longer giving us excitement. We then continue searching for the next can of cola.

I cannot stand champagne, which impairs a person’s cognition. Right now, I only want a glass of plain water.

The Eighth Charming Trait of a Mature Woman: Drinking more water. Purifying life, purifying love, purifying obscured truths.


– Excerpts from Taiwanese award-winning drama In Time With You

Cheng You Qing (Ariel Lin)'s beach scene in 2011 Taiwanese drama In Time With You

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