Misaeng Episode 3 Dream - Baduk Masters

  1. “The game goes on even after you lose a stone.”
  2. “When you lose the whole game during a make-or-break situation, you wonder what you’ve made so many moves for. Even if you have won a life-and-death battle or a tough multi-opponent fight, if you lose at the end of the journey, you will feel that those small wins have been meaningless. If, however, you win the game during a make-or-break situation, you can see a different world. You will be very grateful to the stone that sealed your victory in the situation and appreciate the value of all the moves you’ve made. The honest efforts you put in at every moment make your triumph in this kind of situation possible. Missing the moments means losing the whole and consequently, failure.”
  3. “There is no meaningless stone on the baduk board [Note: Baduk refers to the game of Go]. There is no meaningless product in a company’s portfolio. The reason a stone gets isolated or lost is because the player has failed to strategize well. The reason a product flounders is because the company has failed to see ahead or plan well. Let a trapped stone die but also use the failure to plot for gains. A failed product will fail in the end, but use it as a basis to plan for better products.”
  4. “A move is determined to a great extent by the preceding move. To understand why your opponent is making the current move, you must look at the previous move. To understand why the other party is agitated, you must check where a problem has occurred with his/her gameplay so far.”
  5. “Should I tell you why your game will not improve? You are too preoccupied with rules and previous examples. Of course, you should research and master techniques, but could a game have been passed down till now without any innovation? Break the norms. Go down an unconventional path.”
  6. “Resisting the strong temptation to jump into a risky situation and walking your own path silently is also a type of courage. It’s unwise to react immediately at the emergence of a counter-current. Going about your usual way in the face of disruption can be a form of counter-current to your opponent. Hence, keeping your cool is actually the best defense and a means of attack.”
  7. “Everyone has his/her own baduk game[, with its unique set of motivations and circumstances].”


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